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Exporting Your Pet

Are you moving to another country with your beloved pet? We offer export veterinarian services for most countries.

It is very important to contact us well in advance of your travel as some countries require special vaccinations and blood testing before your pet is allowed to travel. This may take several months for some countries!

You can book in your pet with one of our vets. The appointment will take a minimum of 30 minutes, and sometimes longer, to complete all the relevant health checks, physical examination, vaccinations, flea treatment, worming and microchip scan.

Please be certain to have researched your requirements on the website, prior to your appointment so you can bring any documentation needed with you to this appointment. If you do not have this, an additional appointment will need to be scheduled and paid for.

Please make us aware at the time of booking that your appointment is a ‘pet export’ appointment.


Importing Your Pet

There are strict regulations governing animals being imported. Before importing an animal for commercial reasons such as racing, showing and breeding you should contact a customs broker to assist with the process. A professional pet exporter will be able to assist with the treatments, tests, documentation, flights, crating, permits and other requirements for importing the animal if you are unsure of what is needed.

Cats and dogs generally require a minimum of 10 days in quarantine though this may vary based on origin country. Pets will need to be microchipped with an ISO compliant chip. Permits are needed in advance. Where relevant Rabies vaccinations need to be up to date. Dogs must be clear of Leptospirosis and heartworm and tested close to travel dates. Vaccination will also be needed against certain illnesses depending on where the dog is coming from. Certain tests are needed as well if the animal is coming from specific countries.

Please contact us for pricing as this varies from animal and between different countries.

The booking system updates in real-time so you know exactly what times are available.

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